I’ve worked with a lot of amazing people, and some of them were kind enough to tell me what they liked about working with me.

“I don’t know what we would have done if Orion hadn’t been there.” Zack Godshall, Director, Calponia

“Having worked with Orion for several years, I can assert that Orion is an invaluable asset to any team. His creativity and passion continually generate innovative and impactful ideas that are valued by his colleagues and influential in shaping the outcome of every project he touches. Orion’s high-quality multimedia projects always put that creativity on clear display, while providing distinct demonstrations of his expertise in project management and production.”
Joseph Angeles, Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Orion is very talented in video production and related arts! He is also very reliable and intelligent. I highly recommend using him!”
Daniel Bisso, President and CEO, Brilliance Incorporated

“I have worked with Orion on a few fundraisers and I am always impressed by his organization, knowledge and consistency. Orion has a wonderful eye for art and great understanding of information technologies. I look forward to working with him again.”
Michael Swick, Director of Sustainability, Choate Construction Company

“Orion is a creative developer who brings new ideas and organization to a project. His solutions are both novel and practical. I enjoy working with Orion.”
Peter Storti, Owner, InfoEdge Inc.


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