Charlie’s Wish – Editor
A short film starring Charlie.
Edited for Make-a-Wish Minnesota

Bullying Prevention for Latino Communities – Producer, Director, Editor
A series of Spanish language videos produced for the web and DVD.
Produced for the Bloomington School District in conjunction with Professional Learning Board

“Save Tomorrow” by Bonrud – First Assistant Camera
Music Video produced by Leanne Montoya

Glass of Demontrachet – Camera Operator
Short film directed by Todd Bergenston

Walmart/ Paula Eden – Grip
Industrial produced by K2 Productions

America’s Lost Treasure – Writer, Editor
Documentary produced by Anne Jo Lee Harvard

What Does Happy Mean to You? – Cinematographer, Editor
Spec spot for Clinique on PopTent. Produced by 2WeeksProductions

Warp to Entertainment Freedom – Cinematographer, Editor
Spec spot for Vizio on PopTent. Produced by 2WeeksProductions

Choices – Cinematographer, Editor
Spec spot for Jack Daniels on PopTent. Produced by 2WeeksProductions

Better Angels – Electronic Press Kit, Grip
Short film produced by Fairfield Studios and directed by Clint McCommon

LA Bible Drill Green Cycle – Cinematographer, Editor
Instructional videos for teaching the Bible to children. Produced by Cathy Weeks

That’s Game – Cinematographer, Editor
Reality Pilot about paintball. The business, the players, and the game. Directed by Eric Gibson

Dead Birds – Cinematographer, Editor
2118. The worlds billions have dwindled to a few survivors eking out an existence from the refuse of the superabundance of the past civilization. Short film directed by Eric Gibson

Ember – First Assistant Camera
A young couple spend the last day earth exists together. Short film directed by Chris Lyon.

Toddlers & Tiaras (Episodes: Groovy Girls and Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant) – Camera Assistant
A reality show about child beauty pageants. Broadcast by the television channel TLC.

Logo Design – Designer, Motion Graphics, Sound Editor
Logo design for production and film companies. Gorilla Tree Films, Deep Blue Productions, Sinister Films, Lucky Dog Productions, & Parma Pictures.

Blind Turn – Second Assistant Camera, DIT (Digital Intermediate Technician)
A young woman, driving nearly drunk, kills a whole family except the father. He tortures her with various sobriety tests. Produced by Jay, Written and Directed by Robert Orr.

New York, Louisiana – Second Assistant Camera, Editor
Blind Turn Tie-In Music Video. Edited as part of Extra Features on Blind Turn DVD

Christian Faith Worship Center Honorarium 2010 – Editor
A presentation and celebration in gratitude for the Pastor and First Lady. Produced by Terry Williams, Photography and Videography by Daniel Lachman.

Promotional Interviews – Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Interviews to promote the artist Royalty and his upcoming album Psalms of Royalty. Produced by Thomas Johnson.

“Human” Banquet Video – Editor
A video shown at the annual donors banquet demonstrating all that the Crisis Pregnancy Center has accomplished. Produced by Deb Brittan and Laura Bonk for the Ark-La-Tex Crisis Pregnancy Center.

SEO Videos – Director, Editor
Search engine optimized videos promoting various client’s services. Produced by Thomas Johnson for VMT.

“You” by Royalty – Director, Cinematographer, Editor
A music video for a single on the upcoming album Psalms of Royalty. Produced by Thomas Johnson.

Queens of the South – Camera Operator, Sound Utility, Gaffer
A reality show about four beautiful bed and breakfasts in a quaint Louisiana town, and the men who own them. Produced by Sinister Films & directed by Chris Anastas.

The Hurting Kind – Pretty as a Pistol – Editor
A troubled young girl who suffers from Antinociception. Promotional short film produced and directed by Glen Grefe.

Jerry’s World – Sound Utility; Camera Operator
A reality show about a family and the tire shop that they’ve owned for many generations. Produced by Sinister Films & directed by Chris Anastas.

Shadow of Justice – Concept, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
A girl is kidnapped by a slave ring. A vigilante private inspector is called in to solve the case. A short film produced and directed by Eric Gibson.

Calponia – Second Assistant Camera
A vividly imaginative girl on a farm during the early 1900s. A short film directed by Zack Godshall and produced by The Robinson Film Center.

Uncommon Sense – Assistant Director, Camera Operator
A short documentary about life with autism directed by Tonya Easbey.

Saints Wrap-Up Show – Director; Cinematographer; Editor
Local ABC sports show taken from shoot to delivery in nine hours every Sunday for the season.

2008 NAIA Football playoffs – Visual Effects (Chyron Operator)
Live broadcast of 2008 Western NAIA football playoffs. Produced by Lyon Productions.

Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program – Editor, Camera Operator
Documentaries about the positive efforts of the program, and the TV spots linked to are very similar in style to those I worked on in this government-funded statewide television campaign. Produced by Lyon Productions

Montana LotteryCamera Operator, Assistant Editor
Promotional spots with each of the Montana Millionaire winners. Produced by Lyon Productions

Local TV Commercials – Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Clients include Placer Motors, Grimes Motors, Finstad’s Carpet One, Ron’s Automotive, Pallister Plumbing and Heating, Boxwoods, Brad Schmidt Agency, First Community Bank & Collision Pro. Produced by Lyon Productions.

FramesDirect.comDirector, Editor/Visual Effects, Flash Developer
The CEO of an online eyewear company walks onto his homepage to welcome visitors.

RESET FitnessProducer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, DVD Authoring
A fitness and nutrition DVD with advice, testimonials and exercise demonstrations.
Executive Produced by Theo Thurston of Georgetown Fitness.

Mystical Paths of the World’s ReligionsEditor, Graphic Designer, Web Distribution Manager
A 13 episode TV series for public access TV and also available online.

AngelsEditor, Graphic Designer, Web Developer
13 episode TV series for public access TV and also available online and in podcasts.


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