Modeling and Acting

I have modeled for photographers Patrick Byrd and Daniel Macdonald. I’ve also been a churchgoer and a dancer on Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life and a priest on Season of the Witch with Nicholas Cage.


Composing and Editing

Editing for me is like composing to a prewritten melody. As a musician, I have had much opportunity to compare composition in music to editing for picture. As a composer, I must express what is in the music as meaningfully as I can. As an editor, I express the story as meaningfully as I can. This is the art and the craft, the most important aspect, which every editor strives to achieve. This is a striving that is worth achieving in and of itself.

The beauty of this striving can only be seen in true art, and as it is achieved, so it is appreciated. This is the uniqueness of the motion picture. That it is so widely appreciated, so widely accepted, so difficult to master, so easy to begin, and so beautiful that it moves more people to laughter, tears, and many other emotions, to realizations, and changes in thinking, than any other art form, save for the written word, has done consistently. And not even the written word can compare with the visceral impact of the mix of audio, video, and masterful storytelling.