Orion Beaufort has played huge roles in a number of major documentaries and reality shows in Montana and Louisiana. He controls the social networking and promotion for a variety of film, music, and entrepreneurial projects. He has played a significant production role in television and film for the last 7 years and has been hailed by his clients and coworkers as awesome, the only one who could make this happen, and much other very high praise.He has been the creative lead on two reality pilots in very adverse environments. That’s Game is the business of paintball, and Phoenix is about the running and renovation of a night club. He was cinematographer for both of these. He is currently editor and writer of America’s Lost Treasure, which is finishing post production by October 13, 2011, and will be screened mid-November.Orion is a producer for an untitled Sci-Fi web series which will be beginning preproduction this fall. He manages the social networking sites of films, musicians, and entrepreneurial ventures. He has played a creating or main role on many short and feature films, including Better Angels, Shadow of Justice, and Blind Turn, among others. For seven years, he has helped produce many web series, with some having over 90 episodes.

Orion is on his way to being a spectacular industry player, and is systematically impressing everyone he works with in the industry. He is destined to be one of the premier filmmakers of the new media revolution.

Orion is an extraordinary problem solver, with a sharp mind, a keen wit, and lightning fast decision making. He has a worked in a major marketing role for many startups and is very savvy in investment and business. Consistently, he impresses everyone he works with.
Orion played an integral leadership role in the founding and leading of his Church’s international young adult organization, and continues to play an active role as an advisor and member, and had tremendous success managing their fundraising initiatives over 3 years.
His family is growing. He has two children under two and spends as much time as he can with them exploring the world. When he and his wife get time alone, which is nearly non-existent, they enjoy watching comedies, and taking long walks to talk about life, God, and the future.

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