Metal and Diamonds

The weight of what I’ve wanted has won hold. Now I understand. What I knew was right, but I did not believe the titanium wall. I did not admit my bleeding fists.

I did not imagine every steep stair step was steel, or, that is, each terrace was real. Who could say that the reality would be as solid and worthless as mountain of diamonds. Those who have climbed it have never fallen. And if they did, their shame would prevent the mention.

I pause at the foot. Lean to one side and the other, testing, testing, testing. I am not prepared, but I can see the road. It will know me. It will know ME! And I will walk it once. I will arrive at the top, and go nowhere but up.

Those whom have carried their love with them will know me. For it is love that carries us when nothing else can. I will welcome those who kept their love, and the sun shall rise against our cheeks and in our eyes. We will feed the joy of the millions and the countless diamonds shall shine forth the fire of the sky.


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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