Stone Walls

I live in a stone walled garden
Where doves and ravens bring food and knowledge 

I am not starving, it’s just, it’s boring
The grass is growing, my heart is moaning

Without is only grey shadows and tombs
Whispers on wind of midnight’s womb

Crowds and throngs of people unseen
A blank slate in my mind that is muddied with dreams

I long to know outside my walls
The longshoreman’s craggy calls 

The soprano’s song, The crashing gong
Atop Nepal, the red-robed nun

I’d like to see nearly everything
A maid, a knight, a child, a king 

I hear the whispers, Catch fleeting glimpses
A life to live, vibrant, not listless

Perhaps to live all year in a boat
Visit each wonderful person, afloat

To learn the arts and crafts and science
Of men and women, of ants and lions

How do I even know these things
Pictures and words that I study and read

Images floating above my mind
I want to believe it’s not just rind

I hope there’s fleshy meat left for me
When my mind can finally find the key

When I will stand up and leave
To live and breathe and die, free


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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