Forgive the Storms

Merry we have been forever
Till the clouds have brought ill weather
Breaking love with darkened dreams
And lies that pain in shadowed streams

Forgotten, sold we all the old
Love’s kindness as child we did hold
Found the storms to our liking
Bruising their teeth with curses and lightning

When thunder clears, and calm finds us
We sit, sorrowed, soaked in distrust
Waiting for trickster’s backhand
A trick or two, we’re drowned in sand

Barbs, lies and tricks, their cause we blame
Seem born from them who are the same
Workers, lovers, fighters, free,
But full of fear, just as we.

And so around the circle goes
Until the shining candle shows
Imparts through trial and art
That love is free, freeing the heart

Forsake all distaste and envy
Abide neither fear nor frenzy
Anger, hate, and hard revenge
Release, forgive these and forget

Rather let us all remember
How we live affects each other
Treating all, friend, foe alike
Let not the hand of judgement strike

We’ll forget all fancies and maims
See the truth as a sunlit day
Not shadowed thoughts of storms long past
But charity that grows at last


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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