Sea’s Touch

Perhaps I may have asked too much
Of you or me, God
Perhaps I’ve likened this, my cross
to a shallow, tepid loch

May-chance I might have called you out
And asked, why, oh Lord!
And hearing naught, sailed away to
moor on darkened shore

If I have done this I regret
All my keening tears
And lashing still, my heart, my soul
to wandering, splintered years

I’ve sought salvation in diverse seas,
found it far and near
For everywhere that I have been
love kills all my fear

And now I understand that I,
Lost but not yet drowned
See love through my minds eye
in everything around

Poet’s flow may dry when slips
Passion’s gripping touch
Love still shows, endures and grows
beyond that gusty crutch


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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