Commercials Made on Spec

I’ve been collaborating with Dustin and Kandice of 2weeks Productions since the beginning of April 2011. I’ve been cinematographer and editor of two of their reality pilots and four of their Poptent commercials. The reality pilots are still under wraps, one of which will soon start production as a show, and the commercials are all below.

Title: Choices
Tagline: Not all choices are obvious, though drinking responsibly should be.
Client: Jack Daniels

Title: Warp to Entertainment Freedom
Tagline: His new TV takes a young man on an amazing ride.
Client: Vizio

Title: Will Work for Small Frys
Tagline: Young girls do what they can to collect all of the limited edition Smallfrys from the different collections by Build-A-Bear Workshop. Next week is a car wash…..
Client: Build-a-Bear Small Frys

Title: What does Happy mean to you?
Tagline: A father and daughter explain what happy means to them and show how they share their happiness with the one that they love.
Client: Clinique Happy


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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