A Few Web Design Samples

My opportunities for web design have been a little more sporadic but I’m always looking to hone my skills in that area.  I enjoy figuring out the tone and personality of the content on a website, and then creating a look and feel that complements and sets the stage appropriately for the writer’s words.  If the client has a specific look in mind, that’s great too, as I have a lot of experience (especially from my work in video production) in helping a client to verbalize the technicalities of what they are looking for, and I delight in working collaboratively to achieve a great result.  I also bring to the table my ever-growing awareness of effective online marketing, and I’m increasingly well-versed in the “rules” of good design for the web.

Here are a few samples of my previous work in this area:

This website needed a new look to communicate its theme effectively to an ever-growing tally of visitors

I was the webmaster of this company for a couple of years, making multiple design updates to accommodate new content

This is a draft design for an international non-profit youth organization


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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