Creating TV Commercials

A lot of the commercials in Saints Wrap Up were for local Helena, Montana businesses. We didn’t have a lot of time to put into making them, although we tended to put in more time than was budgeted just because the budget was so small. It usually called for 4 hours from start to finish – plan it, shoot it, edit it, write it to DVD.

For example, I planned two different commercials for Pallister Plumbing. I listed out the themes, wrote the script, edited the script, Pallister would edit it, and then I shot the footage. It basically consisted of shots of Pallister and his wife talking on a couch, a bunch of product shots and a professional voiceover talking about how great the products were. I’d put all that together, whip up some graphics to make it look pretty, edit it in response to Pallister’s feedback and then we were done.

One of my favorite commercials was for the Brad Schmidt Agency, selling life insurance. The reason it was my favorite was that it was very personable and very professional at the same time. A lot of the commercials we did were rather seat-of-our-pants, throw some graphics in there, and hope for the best, but the Brad Schmidt Agency ad was well choreographed and turned out beautiful, in my opinion.

Marty, my contractor, had me show up at Mount Helena with some cameras and equipment, and I met Brad for the first time. Brad discussed what he wanted and Marty made a plan. We filmed Brad talking about how important life insurance is, and got some great footage of him walking around the mountain with his son. Now, Mount Helena is a beautiful location, quite frankly. It has a great view of the town, which has some awesome architecture in it, and it’s covered in grass which some winding trails. All in all, a pretty neat spot. I got to do a bunch of pans, circles, and make use of my handheld skills, which was a lot of fun.

I seized an opportunity to work on his logo during the editing phase as well, which made the project even more interesting for me, and I was pleased with final result.


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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