A Bit About my Skills

I have worked in multiple aspects of production. I have a number of qualities, skills, and technical know-how which make me a increasingly valuable asset to your team.

As a major graphic designer working in multiple fields, such as web design, flash, print, product design, and most recently motion graphic design, in the US and in the UK, I have attuned to a broad and clear sense of what is good, and what makes great design.

Preparing one hundred and four 15 minute podcasts, streaming videos, and 26 hour long shows for DVD, I became excellent at understanding and applying video streaming technology.

On average, Americans have been classified as one of the hardest working peoples in the world. Many of the people I have worked with show extreme dedication and enthusiasm to their work, and tenacity for ushering a project through to completion. I understand and exemplify these qualities perfectly.  I begin with the goal in mind and I see creative and technical brilliance as a prerequisite to any completion.

This has culminated in my role as a freelance producer, where it has become my full-time role to influence, coordinate, galvanize, and develop the professionals and the work we do. I believe the leadership and skill I apply to my business has helped me to retain and enthuse some of the best professionals in the industry to work with me.

I’ve proven my talent with the aforementioned podcasts, as well as educational and promotional shorts for an online eyewear retailer, a fitness training DVD, local Austin service providers’ promoting their expertise with the Red One, among many other past, present, and future projects.

I am good at what I do, and believe that the quality of my work is very important. However, I believe that the thing that truly matters is the ability to enliven those around me to do better work themselves. And at that, I believe, I excel.


About Orion Beaufort
I'm a filmmaker, businessman, drummer, and composer/songwriter.

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